Hi all! My name is Aya, born and raised in Kazakhstan in sunny rays of June, I am a true summer person and love everything that comes with the season: strawberries, beach and an outside temperature degree, that goes above my age. Having lived and worked in different countries, I settled in Shanghai in 2011 and ever since this place became my second home.

With background in publishing, events, business relations and media, today I cater in-house and freelance service in business of fashion and manage projects of various scales and complexity. My work in the spheres of fashion and communications granted me chance to meet some of the smartest and coolest people of the industry, whom today I am happy to be calling friends.

Aspan in Kazakh language means Sky, and for me it embodies the idea of living beyond borders, where impossible is nothing. I was always amazed by birds and wondered why they stay at the same place, when they can fly anywhere in the world. I thought the same about myself – we all, indeed, have the power to design our own life the way we want it. Aya Aspan is a dedication to all young professionals working and making it happen in the world of fashion business.










Preview photo: by Alicia Shi