SFW17 Cindy Soong-60Recent release of Cindy’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection caused quite a turbulence, at least in my heart. While the brand speaks about designer’s compassion towards the heartbreaking state of Syria’s current happenings, I, personally, felt quite disturbed of what I saw on the runway. There is no doubt that the designer, indeed, is quite concerned about the situation in Syria, however the concept/story/inspiration (whatever you decide to name it) did not communicate well to the viewer and left 2/3 of the attendees in confusion.

SFW17 Cindy Soong-6“Don’t cry Syria” is what Cindy named her new collection, featuring wide pants with side slits, mermaid style flared bottom crops and ruffles on extra long sleeves. Another good decision was made in favor of pattern and fabrics direction: velvet, Gingham checks of the 80’s and light knits played well to deliver the low-key yet strong feeling of the determinated. Dark lipped models walked the runway at the bits of “Rinse & Repeat” by Riton ft. Kah-Lo in well-fit one-shoulder tops, oversized robes and suit style manly jackets. All of the above mentioned was strapped under belts and suspenders in various lengths that read collection’s name – Don’t Cry Syria.

Confused, nevertheless interested to see what else is there to explore, I was overwhelmingly offended when by the end of the show, Al-Fatiha prayer from Quran played loud and clear in the show room right before the band of half naked models hit the podium for the finale. I must repeat myself, I don’t doubt that Cindy Soong had the right intention when the thought of anti-war collection stroke her mind, however, when going forward with the idea, I strongly believe, that one must study the topic well enough to understand cause & consequences as well as socio-political effects of it, and lastly make sure that further communication of the topic sends the right message to the masses.

SFW17 Cindy Soong-58

Wearing: Etre Cecile chevron stripe boyfriend sweatshirt | Alpha Studio lace slip dress | Carlo Pazolini shoes

Photo by: Maxim VDN